Forms (pdf downloads)

General Waiver
Bike & Quad Form
BUMP Facility Rules & Guidelines
Parental Waivernew copy  must be signed by PARENT every visit for all minors (UNDER AGE 18); accompanying adult is not an acceptable signatory.
UTV/Side by Side Form

Main Track - 
3 km in length, set in to a natural hillside, berms, corners, rhythm sections, hard pack, sand, etc. Jumps include doubles, single, downhill and uphill transitions. Changes are continuously being made throughout the season. No quads.

Sprint/Start Track -

In front of the Frank Track, this is a short, loamy and loose track with 90 and 180 degree corners and roller jumps to practice your starts and sprints on, then loop back and do it all over again.

Intermediate Track -
0.8 km in length, elevation changes, hard packed, lady and kid friendly. Easily accessible from staging area and trails. Good for little tires and skill building.

PeeWee 1 -
Easily viewed from pit area. Elevation changes, corners, a kid-favourite. Good for little tires.

PeeWee 2 -
Short mx-style track that continues on to a trail through trees to introduce kids to riding in a controlled environment. Primarily hard pack.

In addition to cash, we also accept:

This is a release & waiver of liability. It means you are entering a restricted area at your own risk, and accept total responsibility for anything that may happen to you. By signing and/or accessing BUMP property, you have waived certain legal rights & acknowledge the potentially dangerous nature of activities in and adjacent to restricted areas.

Off-Road Trails

Frank and friends have designed and cleared over 40 km of single track trails, and as of 2016 Matt and Chris have re-flagged a large amount of the trail system including using Easy and Hard signage. The existing trail system incorporates elevation changes, previous harescramble courses, water obstacles, bridges, alternate routes, lady-friendly loops, etc.

Windfall trees are purposely left in place; do not remove trees from a trail without asking Chris or Matt. There is terrain to suit every level of rider - from ladies to first-timers to Pros. As trails are natural terrain, they are maintained on an as-needed basis.

No partial day/discounted rates. We do not rent bikes. Always call the hotline before making the trip.