#86 Dave Kendal, Expert Class

Past President, Edmonton Motorcycle Racing Association

Since he began road racing in 2008, Dave has raced in Calgary, Mission, Utah, and Edmonton. In 2015, he finished 5th overall in the EMRA Expert Superbike class. Dave brings a level of dedication to both his street and dirt bikes, and proudly represents Honda Extreme.

Follow him on Instagram: CanuckDave

#412 Davin Baldock, MX2 Junior A

2017 will be a year of change for Davin, moving from a mini to a full size bike. Of course FBP has tuned the suspension on the new bike to perfection for the 6th year.   With BUMP’s support Davin has moved through the CRMC classes always with top 5 or better seasons since starting on his 65, hopefully this year will be no different.  Davin started riding with his dad in the bush and with the development of great trails at BUMP he has a revitalized interest in the bush.  The hope is that he will race both the CMRC (motocross) and CMA (harescamble) series; his Dad Jason might even try to keep up in the bush.

#282 Jake Bryenton, Junior A

Jake is currently on hiatus. Look for him just being awesome in general, and we'll update his profile when we gets a bike again. I feel a pink mini bike in Jake's future!

Follow him on Twitter: @JakeB_82 or Instagram: JAKEB82.

BUMP is proud to present our 2017 BUMP AMBASSADOR line up! This group of diverse and hugely talented riders were chosen as BUMP ambassadors based on contribution to sport, dedication to their disciplines, and their ongoing improvements that they make to the BUMP brand. Besides the main BUMP Ambassadors,  Frank Barry 841 and Elisabeth Owen 841, in no particular order, we present:

#523 Craig Whitson, MX & Off-Road Junior

Craig Whitson is best known as BUMP's Twitter and Instagram machine. He has a diverse riding range that includes arenacross, flattening over half a start line in almost any mx start, endurocross, enduro and ice racing. Him and Frank are always up to something, whether it's trips to Idaho to ride the dunes, night riding in the woods or vintage Honda trikes in the winter.    Follow him on Twitter: @Craig523 or Instagram: bumpmx.