Left to Right: Dave Chambers,  Noah Miller, Chris Chambers. Photo credit: Gloria Miller

BUMP is proud to present our 2017 TEAM BUMP Off-Road lineup! This group of gentlemen were chosen based on results - in the bike community, on the track, and because they represent the positive nature of racing to create friends and hang out with family.

BUMP's Off-Road Team would like to thank MOTOVAN for their ongoing support and in particular Cam Braaten.

#122 Chris Chambers, Expert Class (AB), Vet Expert Class (BC)

In 2015 Chris won the CMA Second Gear Club's Intermediate Provincial Championship. In 2016 he placed 2nd in Vet Expert (PNWMA, Interior Division), and enjoyed being lucky enough to race alongside his dad Dave and his brother Noah. For Chris, racing really is a family sport and 2017 will see his son join the fun (and maybe his fiance Tiffany!!). Chris dedicates himself to the sport but is very approachable - if you see him at BUMP or a race he's a go-to guy for any questions you might have. He is currently sponsored by Motovan and EVS. Follow him on Instagram: chambersracing122

#7 Matt Hughes, Junior

Matt is the quietest member of the BUMP Team, and can be spotted out on the trails doing what he does best - riding. He's been riding for approximately 14 years, and has upgraded from Northern Alberta muskeg and running into barbed wire fences to building and flagging new trails at BUMP so he can practice with less danger. He says he likes riding for the adrenaline rush, but also for the calm, concentration, and commitment needed for off road. His goal for 2017 is not to take his bike swimming again and to perfect his mountain riding skills.

Photo credit: Sheehan May

#33 Noah Miller Intermediate (BC), Intermediate (AB)

Husky FX350
For 2017 Noah will be advancing to Intermediate for both the Alberta and BC race series after placing 2nd in BC’s PNWMA Jr. Over Class and 1st in Alberta's Second Gear Club CMA Novice Class. It's my goal to place top 5 in the races I attend, I am also hoping to attend more EnduroCross races this year. Being fairly new to racing I really enjoy the challenge of each race and the time spent with friends and family afterwards. Noah is sponsored for 2017 by Chambers Racing, Motovan and BUMP MX.

Left to Right: Dave Chambers, Matt Hughes, Chris Chambers, Noah Miller. Photo credit: Gloria Miller